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About Me...

Throughout her life, people told Meg Arbo that they “could listen to her read the phonebook”. Then, for seven years, she did exactly that with a former yellow book publisher turned web design company. There, she wrote and voiced thousands of videos for websites for clients ranging from law firms, authors, and health care, to daycare centers, restaurants, contractors, and once, a taxidermist.


With over 20 years of theatrical experience, and a BA in theater, voice over comes naturally to Meg. Thanks to her years of international performing, she is adept with accents and knows how to bring life and vitality to characters on the written page. Her voice has been described as attentive, authoritative, and informative as well as warm and buttery. She has won awards for stage acting, directing, and voice over. She is a trivia fiend and won big on Who Wants to be a Millionaire where when host Meredith Viera asked her if she was ready, she replied that she was born ready - and naked. She currently lives in the New York City Metro Area where she spends most of her time talking to herself in a padded room (her home studio).

Image of Meg Arbo smiling in blue plaid dress
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